effie awards

What’s new about EFFIE 2022?

EFFIE 2022, the international festival rewarding efficiency in the marketing and communications industry, is bringing some changes this year compared to its previous Iterations. After more than 15 years of flawless organization by The Institute, EFFIE will be organized by IAA Romania starting with this edition, in partnership with UAPR.

In order to maintain the essence of this staple festival, the Organizing Committee decided that no changes will be made to categories. So, for EFFIE 2022, there will be no new categories, and no previous categories removed.

What will change?

Most of the changes will be related to the Round 1 jury system, with the 2nd Round keeping the same system as in the previous editions. The changes for Round 1 are as follow:

  • The judges will be split into teams of minimum 10 people, but will INDEPENDENTLY judge the same cases.
  • The process will last 6 days and take place in the free time of the jury members (from lunch time on Friday until the next Thursday).
  • A total of 20-22 cases will be judged over different categories (there will be a maximum of 2 cases per category). The jury members will know the category of every case, along with all the definitions and rules of each category.
  • Training is compulsory for all members of the jury.
  • At the end of the 6 days there will be a moderated debate where the members will provide feedback, discuss flags, and change scores. This will take 2-3 hours.

What are the advantages?

The members will analyze the cases individually, even if split into teams. They will find out the other members of their team only at the moment of the moderated debate at the end of the 6-day process.

There will be no time limit for reading/understanding an Individual case, with members being able to revisit cases as many times as they wish, as long as it takes place over the 6 allotted days.

The possibility to compare multiple cases within the same category will be eliminated, though the moderated debate will be kept, along with the exchange of Ideas, flags, and being able to modify scores.

Another change will be at the level of the EFFIE Index. The points for our finalists, along with the prizes, will be granted exponentially rather than linearly.

Until now, for a lead agency, points would be granted on the following basis: 2 points for Finalists, 4 points for Bronze, 6 points for Silver, 8 points for Gold, and 12 points for Grand, with contributing agencies representing ½ vs lead. Starting with 2022, points will be granted as follows: 2 points for Finalists, 6 pts. for Bronze, 12 pts. for Silver, 24 pts. for Gold, 48 pts. for Grand, with contributing agencies still representing ½ vs lead

These are all of the changes that EFFIE is bringing out for the 2022 edition! We’re looking forward to seeing your work!