effie awards

Thomas Moradpour – President of 2008 Romanian Effie Edition

In 2008, Romanian Effie Awards are honored to have Mr. Thomas Moradpour as president of the Jury.
Moradpour is a marketing and communication expert living and working in London on the position of Europe CSD (Carbonated Soft Drinks) Marketing Director PepsiCo International. Due to his position as head of the marketing department of CSD PepsiCo International in Europe, Thomas Moradpour is in charge with several projects developed for brands such as: Pepsi, 7UP, Mountain Dew, Mirinda and some local brands which cover market share from Ireland to Russia.

What recommends Moradpour for the position of president in the 2008 Romanian Effie Awards Jury, is the expertise he has in the marketing field. Among his activities there is to mention: mix of marketing, brand positioning, product launching, and activating 3D marketing campaigns. The professional portfolio of Thomas Moradpour includes implementation of the new 3D marketing model by relaunching Pepsi in 2006 in Russia, Poland, Romania, and UK.
Among many other initiatives as marketing director of Europe CSD PepsiCo International, there is to mention the implementation of a global repositioning campaign for Pepsi Max brand, the most dynamic sector of Pepsi Industry.

At present, Thomas Moradpour, president of the 2008 Romanian Effie Jury coordinates from London, all the marketing activities in Europe of PepsiCo International. Before this, he occupied several positions in the marketing departments of PepsiCo International in France and in the regional office in England.

Thomas Moradpour is a loyal sustainer of the Philosophy enclosed by Effie Awards.

Campaigns can be registered in the contest until the 1st of May 2008, the final subscribing term and they will be centralized by Millenium Communications – the organizing agency. All trophy winners are to be announced during the Awarding Gala that will take place on the 15th of May 2008.

The local edition of Effie Awards is a project signed by The International Advertising Association (IAA) in partnership with Uniuniea Agentiilor de Publicitate din Romania (UAPR) and will be organized by Millenium Communications for the second consecutive year.