Effie 2021: Start Call for Entries & “How to write an Effie” Seminar

IAA Romania and UAPR announce the call for entries for the 18th edition of Romanian Effie Awards. Entries are open until 6th of May 2021, with three different deadlines: early bird deadline, on time deadline and last chance deadline. The submission process will be made online via the Effie Worldwide online platform.

To submit their entries, the participants will need to access the following link: https://effie-romania.acclaimworks.com/. Through this platform the agencies can submit their works by filling the entry forms, uploading the creative materials and adding all the information about credit, publicity materials, authorizations for entries and research information.

Effie Organizing Committee 2021 analyzed the entire structure of the competition in order to mirror the industry’s changes and the trends from 2020. Brand Experience, Branded Content & Entertainment and Engaged Communities have updated definitions to better explain the entries expected in these categories. Carpe Diem category was renamed in Timely Opportunity (it was a change made by Effie Worldwide and applied by Effie Awards Romania as well) and has an updated definition.

The Organizing Committee presents a new category – Marketing Disruptors – designed for the companies that managed to rapidly change their communication model and adapt to last year’s context in ways that drive the industry forward. This category intends to become an inspiration for the marcom industry, offering examples of companies that had a great impact by reinventing their communication pattern.

This year’s competition has 16 Product & Service Categories and 18 Specialty Categories. Agencies can submit maximum 4 entries for the same campaign: one allowed in “Products & Service” categories and other three in the “Specialty Categories” group or 4 entries in specialty categories if there is no entry made in the product and services categories.

At the end of the submission period all entries will be checked by the Effie staff, who will verify the entries taking into consideration the reasons of disqualification and will announce the entrants on all technical errors found in the cases. Also, the Effie 2021 Organizing Committee will do an extra pre-screening for all entries submitted in the Specialty Categories, to verify if the entries meet the category definition requirements. The cases will be returned to the entrants so that they can adjust the texts before the judging. The final responsibility for the entry accuracy remains with the applicant.

The eligibility period of the projects is: 1st of January – 31st of December 2020. And for the Sustained Success category: 1st of January 2018 – 31st of December 2020.

The Updated Entry Kit and all the information about the entry submission can be found here: https://www.effie.ro/competition/entry-forms-download/ – all entry forms templates can be downloaded there and used by participants to prepare their cases before submitting to the Effie Portal.

Effie Seminar: How to write an Effie
Effie Romania 2021 edition presents its first seminar & training designed for the participants on Friday, 12th of March, starting at 9 AM.

Effie’s 2021 Organizing Committee will explain the updates and changes of this year; some of the categories’ definitions; the entry form and how to better write the needed information in each of its 4 sections.

This event will take place on the Zoom platform. To take part in the “How to write an Effie” seminar & training please send an e-mail to andra.moldoveanu@institute.ro

The Effie 2021 Organizing Committee includes the following members: Irina Pencea – President Romanian Effie Awards Committee 2021 and Managing Partner & Co-Founder Jazz, Adrian Țuluca – Managing Director Propaganda, Bogdan Niţu – General Manager & Partner GMP+WEBSTYLER, Corina Bratu – Senior Strategic Planner Leo Burnett Romania, Cristina Moşteanu – General Manager Cohn&Jansen Creative Network, Daria Gonța – Senior Brand Manager Water, Dairy and New Business The Coca-Cola Company, Mihai Trandafir – Managing Director UM Romania, Raluca Kovacs – Chief Strategy Officer Publicis Romania, Roxana Mătăşel – Marketing Director KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Ruxandra Rău – Brand & Communication Strategy Director Telekom Romania, Silvia Mihăilescu – Marketing, Communication and CSR Director, ING Bank Romania, Simona Panait – Marketing & Online Director Samsung Electronics Romania and Bulgaria, and Şerban Alexandrescu – Associate & Executive Creative Director Headvertising.


Early Bird: 3rd of March – 17th of March

On Time Deadline: 18th of March – 8th of April

Last Chance Deadline: 9th of April – 6th of May

Judging Round 1 & Round 2: June

Awarding Event: June

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