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Start Call for Entries Romanian Effie Awards 2020

IAA Romania and UAPR present the 17th edition of Romanian Effie Awards competition. Agencies can submit their works until October 21st 2020, with three different deadlines: early bird deadline, on time deadline and last chance deadline. For the first time, the entries will be submitted online, on the international Effie Worldwide platform.


To submit their entries, the participants will need to access the following link: https://effie-romania.acclaimworks.com/. Through this platform the agencies can submit their works by filling the entry forms, uploading the creative materials and adding all the information about credits, participants or authorization and permission.

Effie Romania Online Portal - Start Entries 2020












Having a digital competition brings an improvement in filling the entry form and in the way the creative materials will be presented, with the intention of creating a more simplified and interactive process for writing the cases and judging them.


As usual, to mirror the industry’s changes and the actual trends, the Effie Organizing Committee 2020 analyzed the entire structure of the competition and added new categories, eliminated others and changed some of the existing definitions. Romanian Effie 2020 has 17 Product & Service Categories and 16 Specialty Categories. For the industry categories both of the “Alcoholic Beverages” categories become a sole category named “Beverages – Alcohol”. In the specialty categories were added the „Carpe Diem” and ”Marketing Innovation” categories (from the Effie Worldwide’s structure) and the “Use of Influencers” category was eliminated.


The “Marketing Innovation” category is about any action or business idea that has had an exceptionally positive impact on the market position of a brand, product or service. This category has its own entry form and a different evaluation criteria, due to the different projects that can be submitted here.


Agencies can submit maximum 4 entries for the same campaign or part of the campaign. In “Products & Service Categories” is allowed only one submission, same as before. And in the “Specialty Categories” remain 3 possible submissions, or 4 if there is no entry made in the product and services categories.

This limit helps the participants choose the suitable categories and helps them adapt the entries to the chosen categories.


The eligibility period of the projects will remain the same: 1st of January – 31st of December 2019. And for the Sustained Success category: 1st of January 2017 – 31st of December 2019.


The Updated Entry Kit and all the information about the entry submission can be found here: https://www.effie.ro/competition/entry-forms-download/

 The official site: www.effie.ro remains the main source of information for the actual edition


The Effie 2020 Organizing Committee includes the following members: Mihai Bârsan – President Romanian Effie Awards Committee 2020 & Co-Founder Epic Visits, Alexandra Dimitriu – Chief Media Officer, Publicis Groupe Romania, Bogdan Țurcanu – Commercial Manager, Ursus Breweries, Costin Radu – Independent Strategy Consultant, Dan Petre – Business Developer, D&D Research, Mihai Trandafir – Managing Director, UM Romania, Răzvan Mircea – Marketing Director, Strauss Balkans, Ruxandra Rău – Director Brand & Communication Strategy, Telekom Romania, Silvia Mihăilescu – Director of Brand, Marketing & Communications, ING Romania and Victor Stroe – Head of Strategy & Associate Director, Leo Burnett.


ROMANIAN EFFIE AWARDS 2020 Deadline & Calendar:

Early Bird: 24th of August – 14th of September

On Time Deadline: 15th of September – 6th of October

Last Chance Deadline: 7th of October – 21st of October

Judging Round 1 & Round 2: November

Awarding Event: November