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Effie Awards 2011 – Call for entries

IAA Romania and UAPR announced the eighth edition of the Romanian Effie Awards competition. Agencies can submit their works until May 23rd 2011. Works will be judged in two rounds on the 9th and 10th of June 2011. The Awarding Gala will be held on the 13th of June 2011.

The Romanian Effie competition format of this edition is closer to the Global Effie competition format. Thus, starting this year, the local competition will use the brief format agreed at international level: “Brief of Effectiveness” will have seven pages, while “Sustained Success Brief” remains unchanged.

Also, the competition will include two new special categories: Shopper Marketing and Media Efficiency – introduced this year in the global competition. Winning campaigns in these categories will not compete for the Grand Effie Trophy.

Shopper Marketing will focus on those integrated in store communication campaigns that were specifically designed to engage the shopper and guide his or her purchase process towards a desired end result. Eligible campaigns include those for single or multiple brands, and/or for a category solution. Specific communication channels are eligible for inclusion: video displays, sampling programs, in-store signage and displays etc.

The EFFIE Awards are about outstanding effectiveness as a result of ideas. The line between what constitutes a creative idea and a media idea is blurring. There are occasions when the media idea drove the entire effort. This is what the Media Efficiencycategory is about.

Of course, media cannot exist without the content, but this award is intended to recognize those cases that were led by the media thinking and strategy.

This year, agencies may benefit from a system of discounts that encourage participation in the competition, as follows:

  1. Agencies will not pay the fee for cases that did not have a media budget, submitted in the category Non-Profit/Pro Bono, Social Campaigns
  2. Agencies that submit an entry for the first time will not pay the fee for the first entry;
  3. Agencies that register more than five cases have a discount of 10% of the total amount.