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Effie 2023 Judging

Judging events are held in secure locations led by Effie moderators. Judges are required to sign confidentiality agreements before judging begins. Judges cannot remove materials from the judging session and are individually matched with entries and categories that do not pose a conflict of interest. For example, a judge from the Beverages industry will not judge the Beverages category. Judges are asked to evaluate specific criteria in scoring a case’s overall effectiveness and provide four separate scores analyzing specific attributes of the work.


The changes for Round 1 are as follow:

The judges will be split into teams of minimum 10 people, but will INDEPENDENTLY judge the same cases.

The process will last 9 days and take place in the free time of the jury members.

A total of 20-22 cases will be judged over different categories (there will be a maximum of 2 cases per category). The jury members will know the category of every case, along with all the definitions and rules of each category.

Training is compulsory for all members of the jury.

At the end of the 9 days there will be a moderated debate where the members will provide feedback, discuss flags, and in which jurors can or may change scores, if  they consider. This will take 3-4 hours.

In all rounds of judging, judges provide scores across the four pillars of Effie’s effectiveness framework: