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Effie 2021 Entry Forms Templates & Entry Kit


Effie Awards Romania 2021 will continue with the online Effie Portal for the submission & judging process. Please read the full Entry Kit for details for all needed information & materials.

What’s new:

  1. Updated definitions for: Brand Experience, Branded Content & Entertainment, Engaged Communities, Timely Opportunity (the former Carpe Diem category, with a new name and updated definition). Check the category list for full definitions.
  2. New Category: Marketing Disruptors.
  3. Corporate Reputation is now part of the Specialty Categories group (moved from the Products & Services group of categories).
  4. Updates in the Entry Formsyou can download all templates from here and work together with your team to prepare your cases before submitting to the Effie Portal. You will find below the entry forms templates with all the information that will be seen by the jurors, but also all the rest of the information requested by the Effie Portal (credentials, publicity materials, research information needed by the Effie team)
  5. Pre-screening by the Organizing Committee, for the entries submitted to Specialty Categories, to verify if the entries meet the category definition. The participants will have the final decision & responsibility for the way in which the entries will be presented to the judges.
  6. Updates in the Publishing Permission requirements. Two options available to have the written cases published, in order to contribute to the educational purposes of Effie Worldwide.

Keep in mind:

  • You can find on the website all the updates information for the current edition.
  • You can access the templates for all entry forms to prepare your cases before.
  • To enter the competition, you’ll need to create an account in the Effie Portal and submit there all information, creative materials & other needed info for the Effie team (company & individual credits, authorization verification form, publicity materials, research information).


Please find below all templates for your cases. Teams should use these documents while crafting the submission to enable easy collaboration with team members and partner companies. Still, the submission will be made online here! All info will be added online, in the dedicated fields – you do not have to upload these templates (except for the Authorization & Verification Form – which you will be generated by the online platform, the one shown here is just for you to see the info required)

1. Download Entry Kit here

2. Download Entry Forms:

– for all categories here

– dedicated to Shopper Marketing here

– dedicated to Sustained Success here

3. Download Authorization & Verification Form for all categories (including Shopper Marketing, Sustained Success, Marketing Innovation) here

! This is just for you to see the info required, the final Authorization & Verification Form will be generated by the online platform once you fill in all info.

You will download it from the platform, sign it and upload it there

! Signature: The form now requires 1 signature for the entry: The Authorization & Verification form must be signed off by an agency OR client executive in a departmental or account leadership position (e.g. Head of Account Planning, Head of Client Services, Group Account Director, etc.).

Useful tools for the entries:

1. Acclaim Video Tutorial about the Effie Online Portal – before joining the competition, see first this video tutorial for how this platform works. The tutorial is made by Effie US in 2019, so keep in mind that:

a. small changes appeared from then

b. see it to understand better how to navigate the online platform, for Effie Romania rules & other requirements go back to the Entry Kit.

2. Multi-Category Submission Settings – Effie Romania Acclaim – see here the steps to use in the Effie Online Portal in order to enter multiple categories. The platform allows you to add one answer dedicated to one category and another answer for another category, while filling in the entry form at the same time for all chosen categories (since some questions will apply to multiple categories, others will be different, so you don’t need to copy-paste where the same answer applies)

3. Video 7 Tips for an Effective Effie Awards Entry here

4. PDF Effie 2021 – Effective Entry Guide here

Other useful info:

1. Payment – the payment will be made via bank transfer

2. After filling in the first answers in the Entry Form, the Summary section will appear in your form – this will let you know what questions still need an answer. Use if especially at the end of your submission, to make sure you can submit the entry

3. A set of research questions from Effie Worldwide are also included in each entry form, please fill in all required info for a better Effie 🙂

Please contact the Effie Team for any questions!

Teodora Calin
Project Manager
The Institute

Mobile phone (0040) 728 300 570