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Radio commercial 30" Renault - Supermarket behaviour

Customer: Hello. Do you have any Renault Symbol?

Clerk: Of course… Fresh! (with an advice tone of voice) They arrived today! But we also have the Megane Sedan!

Customer: (enthusiastic) Then…please fetch me a Sedan. I have to give it as a present tonight. What colour do you recommend?

Clerk: Red! You know, the holidays are coming.

Customer: Red it will be!

Announcer: In December, at Renault you can have your car on the spot! In addition, you get a discount of 1300 E for Symbol and 2200 E for Megane Sedan! Offer valid between the 1st and the 31st of December 2006, limited on the existing stock. Additional details are available in the authorized Renault network.

Supermarket behaviour 1

Supermarket behavior
Outdoor / Point of – Purchase Advertising

Attention! Do not fell on your back!
The cars are available on the spot!

Supermarket behaviour 2