To whom would you give 3 cars

Campaign: To whom would you give 3 cars
Brand: Golden Brau
Subscribed by Grey Worldwide


Golden Brau Summer promotion - radio spot

The coffee
Sfx: phones ringing, faxes, typing.
FVO: May I take this file, please?
MVO: Yeah, sure, no problem.
Sfx: cup falling, crying.
FVO: Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t see the coffee. I hope you didn’t burn yourself! (with a fake laughter).
Ann: Some will love you less, others will love you more this summer. Because everybody will want one of the 4 Skodas Octavia you can win on the spot under the cap of a Golden Brau. One for you and 3 for your friends. We will hit you with a total of 16 Skodas, 40.000 euros in cash and 1.000.000 free Golden Brau beers.
To whom would you give 3 cars?


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