Ursus Premium - The Pirates


Campaign: The Pirates
Brand: Ursus Premium
Client: Ursus Breweries
Submitted by: Graffiti BBDO
Second Agency: Kubis Interactive
Media Agency: Media Investment


Background/objectives: After revisiting its brand communication platform in the summer of 2015 and successfully defending its brand image as the King of Beer in Romania among beer drinkers, in fall 2015 Ursus focuses the new communication platform on its core target consumers to leverage brand image into business growth.

Strategy: Our core target, nicknamed Tudor, is somewhere between his fun college years and his yet to come more settled life as a family man. Actually he’s a bit of both right now. Girlfriend and job aside, Tudor loves his gang of friends. Their regular nights out for drinks are his way of forgetting about the responsibilities that are looming at the horizon.

But does he always? The truth is that sometimes it can get tough to keep the flame of friendship burning bright. And that’s a shame because friendship is a hungry beast. To keep it alive and thriving the guys need to feed that beast with fun and adventure of epic proportions. The creative approach was to depict their legendary friendship by reimagining beer with friends moments as if seen through the lens of a Hollywood movie camera. Each campaign within the new platform will take a typical situation of friends meeting for beer and turn it into an epic Hollywood style .

Results: Ursus leveraged its improved brand image into better purchase consideration and ultimately increased sales among its core target consumers.


Ursus Premium - The Pirates - 1

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Ursus Premium - The Pirates - 1

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