Natura 2000 NGO - Stop the massacre, save our songbirds


Campaign: Stop the massacre, save our songbirds
Brand: Natura 2000 NGO Coalition
Client: Natura 2000 NGO Coalition
Submitted by: Jazz
Second Agency: Rogalski Damaschin


Background/objectives: Spring 2015, a barbaric Hunting Law proposal was about to allow the massacre of songbirds. The aim: a campaign to determine the Senate to change the Law proposal.

Strategy: The lark is among Romanian icons – it has inspired generations of composers and singers.
To let them kill our birds and songbirds, is to let them kill our music.

Results: Under the media and public pressure, the Senate committee agreed to change the Hunting Law proposal - the periods and quota for hunting for 11 species was cut down significantly. With 0 budget.


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