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Public Case Summary

Campaign: Do the Easy Thing
Brand: ING Bank
Client: ING Bank
Contributing Agencies: MMS COMMUNICATIONS România| Proximity

Public Case Summary:
Going for two different kinds of prospects at the same time (Late „Early Adopters” and „Early Majority”) we built a campaign that eased ING’s adoption by the latter group acknowledging their reluctance and then making clear there is absolutely no danger in upgrading to the modern tools that are the main reason to move your salary to ING.

As a result, ING increased its salary market share, getting to 14.5% - meaning a 16.9% increase year-on-year. Most important, this happened against a very adverse backdrop: the mandatory KYC procedures.

Team: Camelia Dragne, Desktop Publisher - HEADVERTISING // Cristian Matache, Desktop Publisher - HEADVERTISING // Mihai Tanase, Senior Marketing Specialist (2019) - ING BANK // Mona Tufeanu, Senior Marketing Specialist - ING BANK // Viorel Ruse, Brand & Marketing Lead (2019) - ING // Silvia Mihailescu, Director of Communications - ING BANK // Dana Gretcu, Content & social media manager - ING BANK // Vlad Lazar, Creative Director - HEADVERTISING // Iuliana Costache, Senior social media specialist - ING BANK // Augustin Krysta, Copywriter - HEADVERTISING // Corneliu Aruxandei, Media Lead - ING BANK // Andrei Stan - MMS COMMUNICATIONS ROMANIA // Teodor Minea, Art Director - HEADVERTISING // Cristina Lungu, Account Manager - HEADVERTISING // Crinu Paraschiv, OOH Manager – MMS COMMUNICATIONS ROMANIA // Alina Cirlan, Business Unit Director - MMS COMMUNICATIONS ROMANIA // Andreea Matei - Proximity // Liviu Ionescu - MMS COMMUNICATIONS ROMANIA // Cristiana Stiuca, Group Account Director - Proximity.

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