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What the old customers say 

Mititelu (Pizza restaurant owner) 
I have been taking yellow cheese from Delaco for years and the merchandise was perfect every time. He has the best stuff and it’s already known that you can’t find so easily quality yellow cheese these days. I heard that he brings it form Sicily where a part of his family lives, but it’s not known for shure. 

Sandu Chitrosu (friend and restaurant owner) 
I don’t know where he takes the yellow cheese from but there’s no other better in Romania like the Delaco yellow cheese. I also take mozzarella and processed cheese from him. The merchandise is good and comes in time, the best price – quality balance. 

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24 September 2007 – Toni 

Comments on “What the old customers say” 

Testosu said: 
It’s gooooddd …. 

Barosanu said: 
Quality merchandise, watch out for the distribution, the police confiscates any suspect cheese transport … they want to push in their merchandise. 

nicu said: 
I’m waiting for the money. If not, I want merchandise instead. Or mozzarella. 

Barosanu said: 
Nicu, I assume that you want the money in small, unmarked bills!? And if it’s mozzarella, can we give it in slices? 

Toni Delaco said: 
Policemen is also human. You realize that they want to trick me but I’m not a “duckling” either. Barosanu, do you want some mozzarella balls? 

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About Toni 

Renowned for his smiley face only on total sun eclipse, Toni is the owner of the nicknames “The-not-so-happy” and “The Hearse”. Self-employed. Clean record. Not married. Without children that he knows of. 

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Good on cheese 

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Good on cheese 

Page 2:
The “yellow cheese” 
(Bulgarian: Kashkaval; Serbian: Kacikavalj; Sicilian: Cascavaddu) is a type of cheese out of cow or sheep milk, made at first in Sicily, but now spread through the Balkans, especially in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey. 
The Italian name of this cheese was Caciocavallo, meaning horse cheese, and it is thought that in the middle ages it was made out of mare milk. 

Page 3:
“Don’t call me Toni Delaco if I don’t have the best yellow cheese in Romania” 

Page 4:
Toni Delaco presents you his favorite yellow cheese recipe: 

Sicilian noodles with olives 

Ingredients (for 4 persons) 
– 300g fresh noodles (you can find them in stores) 
– 300g black olives without stones 
– 100g smoked ham 
– 200g fresh champignons 
– 100g grated yellow cheese 
– 250ml cream 
– 4 garlic cloves 
– 6 stalks of parsley 
– 2 spoons of olive oil, salt, pepper 

Cut the smoked ham into thin slices. Fry it in a pan until it turns golden, without adding supplementary oil. Put it aside. 
Wash and clean the champignons, removing the tails. Cut them into thin slices and temper them for about 5 minutes in olive oil. Sprinkle the garlic and parsley finely chopped over the champignons. Mix the fried ham with the champignons and the copped olives, add the pepper and cream, a half of the amount of yellow cheese and let it boil for 3 minutes. 
Boil the fresh noodles in salty water for 3 minutes, if they are fresh, or according to the instructions on the package if you buy them dry. Strain them and divide them on pre-heated plates. Pour the mushroom-olive sauce on the noodles and sprinkle the remaining yellow cheese. 
Serve right away.



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