effie awards


The system features individual judging and scoring, but after a debate moderated by an impartial moderator.

Round one of Judging - this round will decide the finalists

The discussion will approach the whole category judged based on the following question not case by case:

A check in:

• how are you finding it (the category)?

• Any themes emerging? Any issues?

• What are the strong elements you’re seeing?

• What are the weak elements you’re seeing?

• What feedback can you see yourself leaving?


Round two of Judging:

The discussion will approach each case individually. For each case and each section we will ask the three key questions:

• What are the strongest elements of the case?

• What are the weakest elements of the case?

• What questions remain unanswered after reviewing the case?

Download the Romanian Effie Awards 2019 Entry Kit Documents.