effie awards


reasons for disqualification

The following will result in disqualification and entry fees will be forfeited.

1. Results not referenced

All data presented must reference a specific, verifiable source. This could be advertiser data, agency research or third party research companies. We reserve the right to verify the accuracy of the data with the source named.

Sources must be provided next to each piece of data or in clearly marked footnotes at the bottom of each relevant page of the entry form. Be as specific as possible in documenting all evidence; provide sources of data, research involved and the time period covered. Use the specific name of the company to reference a source except when the source is an agency company (Ad, Media or other agencies). For Agency companies only use the term “Agency Research”.

2. Eligibility. All information about a case (campaign period, results and so on) must refer to the eligible period: 1st of January 2018 – 31st of December 2018/ for Sustained Success: results must date back to January 2016 and must include the current year results – 2018 . Any detail that doesn’t fit in the eligible period will lead to disqualification. Exception: for campaigns that ended in December 2018, you can present results obtained in January 2019, if the results refer exclusively to the campaign that run in 2018 (they can be obtained in January 2019, but talking about 2018) and if the result can be separated by any other on going campaign.

3. Respect the category definition. A submitted work will be disqualified if the chosen category is not fit for the case and no other alternative is possible. The Effie Organizing Committee 2019 or the jurors can decide to move a campaign from one category to other, if the content is more relevant for a different category – but the campaign will be disqualified if no category is suitable. Therefore, you must respect the categories definitions in order to avoid disqualifications (e.g: have the decrease and increase periods for Renaissance, have an entirely new product for New Product or Service introductions and so on).

4. No adaptations. All creative materials and strategic idea must be locally created in Romania, by Romanian agencies. No adaptations or translations of the global strategic idea/platform are allowed.

5. Not enough information: Not including examples of all creative materials discussed in the case brief and integral to the effort on creative reel. You must include at least one example of all creative detailed in the entry form and integral to the campaign’s success.

6. Agency name published in the Entry Form or on the creative materials
EFFIE is an agency-blind competition — do not cite agency names anywhere in the entry form or creative materials. Do not cite your agency name (or any other Agency — Ad Media or other — names) as your reference source. If an agency is the source of your research, reference “Agency Research”.

7. All text that appears in the Entry Form is to be in standard black font, color fonts will not be accepted. Logos, graphics, infographics and other creative materials in the Entry Form will not be accepted – standard graphs and charts can be presented, also in color, in the Results section ONLY.

8. Submitting handwritten briefs – entries must be submitted in typeface, not handwriting.

9. Ignoring pagination guidelines. The official entry form is 7 (seven) pages (8 (eight) pages for Sustained Success section). Do not make font size smaller than 10 point (larger is fine). Any font type is accepted (e.g. Times New Roman, Verdana etc.) If you exceed the official number of pages the case is disqualified.

10. Submitting an incomplete Entry Form. You must fill out every section of the Entry Form – do not leave any blanks. If a question is not applicable, you must state this.

11. Missing Translation. Creative materials submitted for consideration that are not in English require translation.

12. Ignoring creative materials guidelines. The entry kit & checklist specifies all details regarding number of executions allowed, size, length, format and other technical requirements for each creative material, for each medium. You must read and follow the instructions.

13. Telling not selling for all submitted video. For the mediums in which you have the possibility to submit a video explaining the work (see the entry kit & checklist), no results of any sort must be included in the submitted movies. The movie must describe the executions,/explain an idea, without any information about background, results or how the public responded – it doesn’t have to be a case study movie, just a descriptive / demo video of the work, therefore you need to show to the judges what happened, without trying to sell your campaign. Any other enclosed details and results will lead to disqualification!

14. Missed Deadline. Your entry materials either arrive or are incomplete after the 25th of April 2019.

15. No signatures. Your Entrant Information must be signed by both agency and client, in 2 copies.

There will be no refunds for disqualified entries or withdrawals after the closing date.

Download the Romanian Effie Awards 2019 Entry Kit Documents.