effie awards

About Effie

EFFIE is the most significant award in our industry because it honors the one truly important achievement in advertising: Results.

It is the award presented annually by the New York American Marketing Association in recognition of the year’s most effective advertising campaigns – campaigns that have delivered superior results in meeting or exceeding the objectives they were designed to achieve.

EFFIE is a national award spread internationally and it has been organized since 1968.

Why would agencies participate?

  • The only award to recognize creative achievement in meeting and exceeding advertising objectives.
  • One of the world-wide most recognized awards.
  • Effective advertising is advertising that sells, advertising that builds market share. The EFFIE award is the symbol of effective advertising and a tribute to the client and agency partnership that strives to create it.
  • EFFIE celebrates creative and effective advertising and reinforces the teamwork among advertising agency, client and researchers.
  • Winning an EFFIE is about meeting a challenge and succeeding.


The goal of advertising and related marketing communications is to help marketers achieve their marketing objectives. Therefore, advertising should be recognized for its ability to help achieve those objectives and for its important role in marketing.

EFFIE supports and promotes the role of advertising as an effective and efficient use of marketing resources.

Core Values

EFFIE stands for a consistent philosophy and a rigorous set of practices, built around the demonstrated ability of advertising to achieve marketing goals.

EFFIE is first and foremost an effectiveness award, based upon proven results in the marketplace. Creative execution is seen as part of the EFFIE process and is factored into the judgment for an EFFIE award.

EFFIE encourages the dissemination of learning about best practices in advertising effectiveness. A strong international EFFIE network strengthens all EFFIE programs by enabling partners to share with one another, with the goal of strengthening and expanding the brand worldwide.


1968 – EFFIE Awards program was created.
1981 – EFFIE crosses the border to Germany.
1996 – EURO EFFIE was introduced (campaigns that proved to be effective in 2 or more European countries)
2004 – Romania included
2005 – 30 national EFFIE programs